R&D in Intelligent Vehicle Technologies

ACARTEC Intelligent Vehicle Technologies was established to develop a modular software stack for advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving and vehicle-to-everything communication technologies.


Our vision is to be a global technology provider focusing on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-everything communication, autonomous driving software stack development, and advanced driver assistance systems


Our mission is to contribute to the Advanced Driver Support System technologies and applications by introducing vehicular communication and positioning in order to increase safety and comfort of the driving experience.

ACARTEC is a university spin-off start-up and a deep tech company. Founded after his several years of experience with industry-related projects. 


•Autonomous driving configuration, algorithm, implementation and testing

•End-to-end stack software running on on-board units

•Scientific research


•3 European Union supported international project experience

•EU 6. FP Potential Center of Excellence

•EU 7.FP GLOVE GALILEO Effective use of Satellite Signals by Land Vehicles

•EU H2020 CP InDrive Increasing GALILEO positioning accuracy by ensuring local integrity

•Consultant and software team in more than 20 national supported industry projects

Industrial Project Deliveries

•Automated driving of a road sweeper truck

•Modular software of Facility Layer and 11 use cases

•Automated driving of an electric e-bus